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Gift-Set - Ju52-3m British European Airways (1:48)

There is probably no other aircraft in civil or military aviation that is more well known than the Junkers Ju 52. During the 1930's she epitomised flight safety and was a synonym for reliability. It was initially designed - at the request of the cargo airlines - as a single-engine aircraft. Airlines such as Lufthansa however preferred a three-engine variant for safety for its passengers. In addition to robustness, it should require only short take-off andlanding runs and still deliver low maintenance and low cost operation. The firstaircraft with three-engines took-off on its maiden flight on 07 March 1932. In this series, the BMW 132A radial engine with an output of 660hp was used. With these engines the Ju 52 achieved maximum speeds of between 250 and 290 km / h (155 mph and 180 mph). The Second World War interrupted the development of civil air traffic. When the War finally end in 1945, a huge demand for passenger carrying capacity was identified and the search began for suitable aircraft for civil aviation. British European Airways, which on 1 August 1946 began air services from Croydonand Northolt to the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Scotland began to feel the effects of the lack of suitable aircraft. One way out of this predicament was the use of Ju 52's captured by the Royal Air Force in Europe. In this way BEA acquired ten Ju 52/3m in different versions. The British European Airways Junkers Ju 52/3m were in constant use until the end of 1948, before they were scrapped at Ringway
Gift-Set - Ju52-3m British European Airways (1:48)
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